Local Inside CSA

CSAs and delivery services have been increasing in our islands and offer a more convenient way for busy families to buy locally grown food.  CSA or community supported agriculture, is traditionally thought of as a system in which a local farm puts together boxes/bags of produce that can be purchased by members throughout the season.   The main purpose behind the CSA is to support the local food producers and increase the local food consumption.

Local Inside arranges the pick up of the produce directly from the farm, packing in an insulated, reusable bag and drops it off at accessible locations across the Island.  The consumer then picks up their bag between the window of time specified and just like that, has their weekly produce.  Please visit LocalInside.org to learn more!

Sourcing the majority of the produce directly from the HAF Ag Park at Kunia and other small farms across the Island of Oahu, HAF's goal is to increase consumption of locally farmed foods.  Assisting these farmers with the infrastructure they need to sustain their farms, offering a CSA allows their produce to easily get in the hands of the consumer. 


There are two bag size options, small and large, and members can choose either weekly or biweekly pick-up options.  Specialty items will also be added to increase the value of the membership and as the demand for the program grows more and more value-added products will be introduced.


Local Inside has partnered with many local businesses to be pick up locations including: 

  • Big City Diner Kailua
  • Diamond Head Market
  • HMSA Neighborhood Center
  • Pah Ke's Chinese Restaurant (Kaneohe)
  • Roy's Hawaii Kai
  • REAL a gastropub (Kakaako)  
  • Scratch Kitchen & Bake Shop (Downtown/Chinatown)
  • Hula Grill Waikiki
  • Hawaii Ag Foundation Office (Kaimuki)

The following pick up locations are exclusive to Employees Only: 

  • HMSA 
  • Monsanto (Kunia)

To find out more details and to SIGN UP for Local Inside
visit: www.LocalInside.org