July 2017 Highlights: New EAT THINK DRINK, Localicious Raises $50K, Meet Noe from Lokoea Farm

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Check out some of our top highlights from this month, including:


Introducing EAT THINK DRINK: Show Me the Green

How to Access Capital and Move Your Project from Seed to Shelf

Ever wonder what it takes to turn an innovative food project into a viable, profitable business model? Join five inspiring industry leaders and six of Honolulu's top chefs as they showcase their experience, expertise and knowledge on discovering and investing in the next big "Made in Hawaii" item.

EAT THINK DRINK: Show Me the Green will address questions frequently asked by local entrepreneurs, including, "What does the venture capital landscape look like and what exactly are these investors focusing on when seeking out new potential? How do successful, innovative products measure up, disrupt the market and attract funders for continued economic growth?" Afterward, continued fellowship and networking will take place over an interactive dine-around featuring six of Honolulu's hottest restaurants.

Guest panelists include Keynote Speaker Lou Cooperhouse of the Rutgers Food Innovation Center, Kyle Datta of Ulupono Initiative, Matt Small of ChefZone, Greg Leong of Arocrest Company and Nancy Enos of Foodland Super Market.

Featured tastemakers include Keaka Lee of The Pig & The Lady, Jason Schoonover of 12th Ave Grill, Kevin Lee of PAI Honolulu, Keith Pajinag of Ravish Honolulu, Michelle Karr-Ueoka and Lyndsey Simone of Roy’s Hawaii Kai. 





Save $50 to the 2017 Hawaii Agriculture Conference

Early Bird Registration Ends Saturday, July 15!

Did you hear the news? The Hawaii Agriculture Conference (AG2017), the premier all-agriculture conference in the state, is coming to the Hawaii Convention Center! Hosted by the Agricultural Leadership Foundation of Hawaii (ALFH), AG2017 is expected to bring approximately 400 people together between August 29 and 30, 2017.

This conference aims to bring stakeholders together to unite in focus and support of agriculture’s interests; to advance significant sector initiatives; and to build capacity, knowledge and collaboration across the sector. AG 2017 will address:

  • Our $300 Ag Million Opportunity – Replacing just 10% of the food Hawai'i currently imports could generate $188 million in sales, $94 million for farmers, and create 2,300 jobs.

  • Support Your Local Farms and Ranches – Demand for locally grown products are on the rise, yet re-establishing local food systems has never been more challenging.

  • Sustain Our ʻĀina – For Future Generations: If we take care of the land, the land takes care of us. Hawai'i is on the front lines of climate change. We could be a world leader in sustainable food and energy production. 

Keynote speakers include:

  • Nainoa Thompson, President, Polynesian Voyaging Society

  • President Hilda C. Heine, Republic of the Marshall Islands 

  • Ben Hartman, Farmer, Entrepreneur and Author, “The Lean Farm”

  • Scott Enright, Chairperson, Hawaii Department of Agriculture

Unique to this year’s conference includes:

  • Grower Buyer Meetup – Facilitated 8-10 minute exchanges between growers and buyers. Growers stationed at tables will share product list, photos, certifications, and samples. Buyers will move from table to table and share requirements for volume, insurance, delivery terms, and specific product needs.

  • AGxChange – Learn about innovative practices, discover resources that can help grow business and connect with others who believe agriculture is an important part of Hawaii’s future. Businesses, government agencies and nonprofit organizations will all be represented at the AGxChange—offering up exhibits, poster presentations and café-like seating areas, with free Wi-Fi, food and beverages.

  • Farm to Table Tastings – Network and enjoy delicious locally sourced and prepared cuisine at the Hawaii Convention Center Rooftop Garden on August 29. Participating restaurants include 12th Avenue Grill, Forty Carrots at Bloomingdale’s, D.K. Steakhouse, Hawaii Convention Center, Kakaako Kitchen, Poke Stop - Mari’s Garden, Tango, and Town.

Topics at AG2017 will range from clearing the hurdles of labor and affordable housing on farm land, to growing agriculture with technology and tourism, to talking story about water and climate change, and much more.

Save $50 by purchasing your early bird ticket for AG2017 until Saturday, July 15!




Honolulu Brewers Festival:

Back in Action Before You Know It

Attention all expert and novice beer lovers,

You may have heard that the third annual Honolulu Brewers Festival has been postponed this year. However, Honolulu’s greatest and most diverse selection of beers and ciders will make its return sooner than you know it. Mark your calendars and frost your mugs for the next Honolulu Brewers Festival, set to hit town April 2018!


Mahalo to the Honolulu Brewers Festival and its organizers Troy Terorotua and Lisa Kim, who generously donate proceeds from the event to the Hawaii Agricultural Foundation in support of agriculture and ag education in Hawaii.


Local Inside Gets Even Better!

We would like to give a big mahalo to our Local Inside members who continuously support Hawaii’s local farmers and agricultural industry. Over the next few months, HAF will be making a number of great leaps to re-organize this program to help you better get to know our farmers and the food that’s included in your bag. 


Here’s what you can expect to see:

  • More produce you use on a regular basis, based on customer feedback

  • Better access to recipes on items you may not be familiar with

  • More information on the produce in your bag

  • A better understanding as to how your produce is grown and who is growing it


We’re looking forward to these improvements and welcome any questions you may have! Should you have any comments or concerns, please email us at localinside@hawaiiagriculturalfoundation.org.

Not a Local Inside member yet?




Meet Our Local Inside Farmers:

Noe from Lokoea Farm

If you’re a Local Inside member, we’re sure you’ve seen those delicious lemons, oranges and figs come in your bag. These items were all grown under the tender love and care of Noe at Lokoea Farms. Lokoea Farms is a family-run fruit farm based in Haleiwa that has been tending orchard crops since 2000. 

We had the opportunity to talk story with Noe and get her thoughts on being a farmer here in Hawaii. Here’s what she had to say:

What is the most fun aspect of being a farmer?

I really enjoy being my own boss. I don’t think I could go back to having a boss at this point. Every day, I walk outside and just see what needs to be done...so I never get bored. 

What are some of the regular challenges you face on your farm?

It’s hard to learn about all the different types of trees that we have. You can treat them all the same but you’re not going to get quality. You have to think about weather, water needs, the amount and type of fertilizers you give, and know how to prune each tree.

How do you change perceptions of ugly fruit vs. what you see in the grocery store?

It takes education, which is hard when you’re not face-to-face with your farmer. You have to help people understand why the produce doesn’t look perfect. I have a sign that I made for when I go to markets that explains the oranges because a lot of the times they are really russetted... but it really has nothing to do with the taste.

What overarching message would you like to share with our Local Inside members?

Thank you for buying our product! It makes a really big difference for tiny farms like mine to have that outlet that is flexible, pays a fair price and helps us keep doing what we love.