June 2017 Highlights: Save the Date, Cooking with Scratch and Eating Local 101

Thursday, June 1, 2017


Check out some of our top highlights from this month, including:



Cooking with Scratch Kitchen

To help you cool off during the hot summer days, we've partnered with Scratch Kitchen & Meatery in finding a refreshing, drool-worthy recipe using our Local Inside CSA bag. The result: Summer Citrus, Watermelon and Kale Salad with Basil Mint Vinaigrette (no photo available). 

Head Chef Kaleo Chong shakes up the traditional kale salad by placing juicy watermelon, tangy citrus and cooling mint at the center of the plate. This dish is perfect on its own or can be shared as a starter course of your next family meal.



Can't get enough of Chef Kaleo's cooking? Scratch Kitchen & Meatery is now open in Ward Village's South Shore Market for your dining pleasure!

How You Can Eat Local Year-Round

We all love to feel as though we are doing our part in making our community a healthier, stronger place to live. Most of us share our aloha by putting in volunteer hours here-and-there, donating a few dollars when we can and doing the little things, like hold the door for a stranger.

What if we told you that creating impact in your neighborhood also starts with what’s on the other end of your fork? When you choose wholesome, local foods, you’re doing more than eating healthier and picking fresher ingredients. You’re also supporting that specific farm’s infrastructure, reducing your carbon footprint and keeping your hard-earned dollars in the State of Hawaii.

So instead of mindlessly scarfing down that juicy burger or superfood salad, stop and get to know your food a little bit more. To help you get started, we’re sharing our top three tips on how you can eat locally throughout the entire year.

Get some face time with your area’s farmers.

Take some time to talk story with local purveyors at your nearby farmers’ market or attend a community work day. By doing so, you can learn more about the people that grow your food, the tender love and care that’s put into their crops and how it’s handled prior to harvest.

Choose to dine at eateries that bring real, local products to their menu.

The next time you’re looking for a new restaurant to try, take a peek at our official lineup of Localicious restaurants. These eateries commit to using real ingredients sources from farmers throughout the state. For a full list of participating restaurants, visit www.localicioushawaii.com.

Sign up for a community supported agriculture (CSA) program.

Fill your fridge with fresh, hearty produce that was delivered straight from the grower. HAF’s Local Inside CSA program works with farmers and Localicious restaurants throughout Oahu to bring quality ingredients closer to the table and support Hawaii’s agriculture industry on a long-term basis.

Have more questions about eating local? Contact us and we’ll do our best to find you the best answer.