Episode 14:
High Pressure Processing – Innovation and Value-Add

Wednesday, March 31 • 6-7pm

Online via Zoom Webinar

HAF has partnered with Hiperbaric, the world’s leading specialist in high pressure processing (HPP), to share this new, innovative technology with Hawai‘i. With proliferating opportunities to diversify our agricultural industry and expand the sector of value-added products made with local ingredients, many local farmers and producers can benefit from HPP technology.

HPP – also known as high pressure pascalization or cold pasteurization, is a non-thermal food and beverage preservation method that guarantees food safety and achieves an increased shelf life, while maintaining the optimum attributes of fresh products. This innovative technology is based on the use of high isostatic pressure transmitted by water. This pressure is transmitted uniformly and instantaneously throughout the product, therefore achieving an effect equivalent to pasteurization, except without the use of heat. The nutritional profile of the product remain intact, while flavor, color and texture also are unaffected by the pressure.

Although U.S. food and beverage manufacturers have had HPP technology commercially available for more than 20 years, it is currently not yet available in Hawai‘i. For this special event, keynote speaker Jorge Coll, Sales Executive from Hiperbaric will present on HPP and the versatility of the technology. Since 1999, the company has been the international leader in the design, manufacturing and marketing of HPP industrial equipment for food and beverages, spanning across five continents.

After the keynote presentation, a panel presentation will take place with speakers representing a cross-section of local government, the business community, and local producers. The panel will explore benefits of having an HPP facility in the state, and the opportunities to diversify and continue expanding our agricultural industry to support our local economy by promoting Hawai‘i-made products with local ingredients. The panel discussion will be moderated by Meli James, Co-Founder of Mana Up and feature:
• Senator Donovan Dela Cruz
• Loren Shoop, Owner & President of ‘Ulu Mana Inc.
• Ethan West, Co-Founder & President of Punahele Provisions


For this online event, HAF has partnered with restaurants on O‘ahu, Kaua‘i, Maui and the Island of Hawai‘i to offer attendees tuning in from across the state a meal to take home and enjoy during the event. Event registration is FREE when you order takeout from one of our featured #FoodAGoGo restaurants!

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