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Kids Cooking Local is a dynamic after-school program in partnership with After-School All-Stars (ASAS) and Boys and Girls Club Hawai‘i (BGCH), that teaches students at Title I schools in vulnerable communities about the importance of agriculture and how to work with farm-fresh ingredients in the kitchen. Through demonstrations of recipes by local chefs, students and their families turn local produce into delicious meals.


Chef Adam Gilbert
Plantation Tavern

Chef Adam Gilbert began his culinary career at the age of 16 in Winslow Maine. He has honed his cooking expertise in Rhode Island and the Caribbean before moving to Hawaii in 1999. Chef Adam has been the chef at many fine restaurants in Hawaii including Indigo, 3660 On The Rise, and Padovani’s Bistro before becoming the chef/owner of the Plantation Tavern. In 2020, Chef Adam completed his first cookbook entitled, “Hawai‘i Produce CSA.” He shares his passion for cooking with local products with his wife and two sons.


Chef Lance Kosasa
53 By the Sea

Lance fell in love with food well before he pursued it as a profession. For 17 years, Chef Lance steadily worked his way through the culinary ranks, working at one of the most recognizable names in Hawaii Regional Cuisine, Alan Wong’s Restaurants, where he served as Executive Chef. He also worked at Café Julia in Downtown Honolulu, as well as SKY Waikiki and the Top of Waikiki Restaurant. Today Chef Lance oversees the culinary team at 53 By The Sea Restaurant.


Chef Trevor Luke

Chef Trevor Luke started on the line at Zippy’s Kahala 10 years ago while attending Kapiolani Community College. Since then, Luke graduated from KCC’s culinary arts program and rose to director of culinary operations at Zippy’s Restaurants. Luke is a Mid Pacific Institute alum and serves the community as a member of the Make A Wish Foundation Young Leaders Board and an Epicurean Leader with the Hawaii Food and Wine Festival.



Rainbow Waldorf Salad “To Go”


1 red apple

1 lemon

1 cup of red grapes

1 stalk of celery

1 small head of lettuce

1 cup plain white yogurt

Honey – 1 tsp

1 cup cooked quinoa

¼ cup toasted walnuts




  • Cook the quinoa ahead of time
  • Cut the apples into small piece, then toss the apples in lemon juice to acidulate them and stop oxidation.
  • Cut celery into small pieces
  • Slice up lettuce
  • Layer the ingredients into 16 oz containers as follows dividing the ingredients evenly into each jar:
  1. yogurt
  2. grapes
  3. lettuce
  4. quinoa
  5. celery
  6. apples
  7. walnuts

Seal & refrigerate until ready to eat! Shake jar before eating to mix ingredients.


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