Localicious® Hawaiʻi Art and Video Winners 2023

Presented by Hawaiʻi Gas

2022 – 2023 Winners

Congratulations to all the talented winners and finalists of the 2023 Localicious® Hawaii Art and Video Contest. We are excited to announce the first place winners: Stella Rich, a second-grade student at Voyager Public Charter School, and Lilyanne Florendo, an eighth-grade student at Kaimuki Middle School. Stella’s beautiful artwork, titled “The Islands Give Me What I Need,” portrayed a calabash bowl filled with fresh fish and locally sourced produce. And, in Lilyanne’s impactful public service announcement, “Growing Local,” she effectively conveys the importance of eating fresh and supporting local farms.

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1st Place Winners:

Art: “The Islands Give Me What I Need” 

Stella Rich | Grade 2, Voyager Public Charter School

Video: “Growing Local”

Lilyanne Florendo | Grade 8, Kaimuki Middle School

2nd Place Winners:

Art: “Where Some Foods Come From” 

Lauryn Lee | Grade 5, Wilcox Elementary

Video: “Where Does Our Food Come From?” 

Grayson Guzman| Grade 8, Lahaina Intermediate School

3rd Place Winners:

Art: “The Birth of Sushi”

Samuel Avegalio Jr. | Grade 4,  Major General William Shafter Elementary

Video: “Encourage Gardening, Encourage Farming” 

Madison Lee | Grade 8, Kaimuki Middle School

4th Place Winners:

Art: “A Farm and A Barn”

Audrey Makamea Correa | Grade 4, Aina Haina Elementary

Video: “Kalo” 

Zoe Tagaca | Grade 12, Aiea High School

This contest is presented by Hawaiʻi Gas


The contest is an extension of Localicious® Hawai‘i, a statewide public awareness campaign that promotes restaurants that source locally grown, caught or raised products. All proceeds will support HAF’s K-12 programs and its mission to sustain the critical needs and services of Hawai‘i’s agricultural industry.  Since 2014, Localicious® Hawai‘i has raised over $260,000 for ag education.  Over the past nine years, HAF’s ag education programs have impacted more than 30,000 K-12 students at 151 public and charter schools statewide.