Wai‘anae Farm Promotes Healthy Living for All

Nestled in the luscious valley of Wai‘anae, Mountain View Farms produces one of the islands most naturally grown produce and pork. Relying on a natural farming method to grow, the farm is a beacon for all those looking to live the healthiest lifestyle they can. With the goal to provide just that, this family run farm offers their knowledge and products that will make you feel in tip top shape.

Started by owner and founder David Wong in 2014, Mountain View Farms is a recent venture created after Wong’s decision to pursue and promote living healthy. “We originally were a dairy farm and then we converted to plants and our faith in our effort to achieve sustainable agriculture,” shared Wong. The small dairy farm which had been running for 60 years made the switch after Wong was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2014.

Realizing he wanted to live a healthier life and provide healthy food for people, he set out on the journey of starting his farm. “I had read that if we had healthy soil, we’d get healthy plants, healthy animals, and healthy humans,” said Wong. “I hope we can be empower everyone to achieve and maintain a wholesome lifestyle, free of all chronic diseases.” Mountain View Farm’s mission is to help people achieve and maintain a wholesome healthy lifestyle free of all chronic diseases.

At the center focus of Wong’s farm and helping to promote his ideals of healthy eating, Mountain View Farms specializes in Korean Natural Farming. Touted as being even healthier than organic, natural farming, it utilizes diverse colonies of microorganisms in the soil to cultivate a healthy and stronger plant instead of using herbicides, pesticides, and insecticides. In this unique cultivated environment, Mountain View Farms also raises their vegetarian fed pork using the same methodology as their plants. This special grow method allows the farm the cultivate other healthy medicinal plants such as moringa.

Wong’s moringa is packed with natural enzymes and microbes as a result of the health of the soil. “Moringa has many health benefits for skin, nails, hair and overall health because of its vitamins,” detailed Wong. “Our moringa powder is unlike many others because we process everything by hand to make sure it is the best quality.”

Also described as the miracle tree, you can learn more about it and what makes Mountain View Farm’s moringa so special on their website at www.mountainviewfarms808.com. On their website you can also purchase other moringa products, including oils and supplements.  

Wanting to influence the lifestyle of others beyond his own, Wong has also created the Farmacy Box.  The Farmacy Boxes are sustainable planter boxes that will allow anyone to grow super clean vegetables in their yard without the use of any fertilizer, herbicides, and/or pesticides and will continue to perform infinitely with no additional inputs. Realizing that food is one of the most important factors to leading a healthier life, Wong offers these boxes in the hopes that families can start using their own home-grown produce in every meal for an even healthier and cheaper alternative to store-bought produce. “If we installed one Farmacy Box in every household in Hawai‘i, we will do so much more for creating a more healthful lifestyle, as well as reduce global warming,” Wong voiced.

Ala Wai Elementary had their very own Farmacy Box installed at the beginning of the 2021 school year and has been able to enjoy its benefits. “The whole third grade this year got to experience microbial production of vegetables and how it impacts their health, and what super clean vegetables taste like,” Wong said. Excited by the prospect of growing their own food, the third graders went to the cafeteria manager and asked why they didn’t have  fresh salads in their school lunch. It was the first time students had  ever asked for a salad in school lunch ever. Displaying the ability that growing one’s own food has on your diet and lifestyle, Wong’s Farmacy Boxes do more than just offer easy access to vegetables.

You might start to find Mountain View Farm’s moringa and delicious pork on the menu at your favorite restaurant as the farm starts to share its healing products and lifestyle with the rest of the island. If you want to start your own Farmacy Box, or purchase some moringa products, don’t hesitate to check out their website at www.mountainviewfarms808.com. Also don’t miss out on their farm updates and oohing over new moringa dishes on their various social medias.



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