A Dairy Farm With A Heart Of Goat

Firmly planted in the beautiful farmlands of Waialua, Sweet Land Farm cares for some of the cutest goats on the island. Believing in a good diet and nutritious soil as the key to raising strong and healthy goats, this farm produces a variety of the finest goats milk products that Hawai‘i can offer.

Sitting upon 86 acres of farmland, goats frolic on what was once home to huge pineapple fields hence the name Sweet Land Farm. Owned and operated by Emma Bello and her family, the farm was started in 2010 after Bello fell in love with goats while on an internship in Maui. Having attended Leeward Community College in the hopes of becoming a pastry chef, her plans shifted focus after her newly discovered passion and her family banded together to start the farm. Now, as a farm owner, Bello is able to simultaneously spend time with her goats while also continuing to make pastries, “I kind of get the best of both worlds,” Bello shared.

The love and care that these goats receive daily shines through in the farm’s various products. Using the milk from over 100 varieties goat, Sweet Land Farm produces insanely good chevre, gouda, tomme, and feta cheeses, while also producing soaps, lotions, their original caramels, and even goat milk gelato. To feed the goats, Sweet Land Farm practices locally inspired, sustainable agriculture to produce their forage and cultivate their pastures. Probably having to do with the unique attention that Bello gives to her animals, this cheese can’t be found anywhere else on the island.

Sweet Land Farm’s main mission is to give back to the community, Bello works with local farmers to share sustainable agricultural knowledge and infuse their goods into her products. She also sells her products to local restaurants, hotels, schools, and is always welcoming to visitors. If you stop by you can even sample their variety of goat milk products and feed the adorable baby goats.

Also part of the farm is an educational element, Bello hopes to teach more people about the relationship between the ‘āina one’s health. Using her goats as a prime example of how good soil and diet can impact personal health, she keeps her farm open to the public. Intending to spread awareness about where food comes from to younger generations in the hopes of positively influencing them on local agriculture, the farm offers school tours as well.

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic heavily impacted Sweet Land Farm’s operations but Bello was determined to adapt. With a loss of restaurant orders and a complete decline of visitors to the farm, Bello started to focus on their online presence and platforms, lowering their prices in order to make it easier to afford and making it available online. “I look up to the farmers in Hawai‘i, because it’s hard to farm in Hawai‘i to begin with,” Bellos expressed. “During the pandemic, we really had to think outside the box.” Wanting to help the community during this hard time, the farm sold discounted products to local businesses and gave a lot of their products out the community.

If you’re looking for the next island treasure, make sure to check out Sweet Land Farm. Whether you want to go exploring with friends and family to learn more about sustainable agriculture and hang out with the most lovable baby goats or try a taste of their delectable goat dairy products, you won’t regret visiting. Follow their various social medias for a cuteness overload with pictures of their baby goats as well as product updates and new offerings. To learn more about tours and the farm’s history or buy their products in grocery stores found all throughout the island, stop by their website at www.sweetlandfarmhawaii.com.




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